Welcome To The Pre-Veterinary/Veterinary Scholarship System

Welcome to the Pre-Veterinary/Veterinary Scholarship Website. Please closely read all instructions and let us know if you have any questions. Depending on whether you have used this system before there are three courses of action you can take. If you are a:

If you can't remember the email address you registered with please contact Ileana Yates, at ileana.yates@montana.edu or at (406) 994-2922.

The system does not require you to "submit" your application until you are ready to do so. You can save your application and return to the site as many times as you need; however, once you submit your application you will not be able to modify it again.

Your scholarship application must be filled out completely to be eligible for Pre-Veterinary/Veterinary scholarships. Your application information is stored securely on this server.

Pre-Veterinary students (or students interested in pursuing admission to veterinary medicine programs) must fill out both the College of Agriculture scholarship application and the Pre-Veterinary/Veterinary Scholarship applications. Students already in veterinary school should only fill out this Pre-Veterinary/Veterinary Scholarship application

Once again, thank you for filling out a scholarship application. If questions arise as you progress through the application process, contact Ileana Yates at ileana.yates@montana.edu or at (406) 994-2922.

If you have used this system in the past, you should log in using the email address you used at that time.

The site is currently closed, please come back at a later time when we are accepting applications.